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Protravlivatel of seeds Remky PS-5
  • Protravlivatel of seeds Remky PS-5
  • Protravlivatel of seeds Remky PS-5

Protravlivatel of seeds Remky PS-5

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Protravlivatel of seeds represents the automatic car with the electric drive of the main mechanisms and consists of the following assembly units: the bunker for filling of seeds, the camera of a protravlivaniye, a tank for working liquid, the pump, the control unit of a stream of liquid, the regulator of volume of the given liquid and the control panel. Assembly units are mounted on the frame established on wheels with pneumatic tires. Of seeds of PS-5 and PS-5 the Farmer are intended to Protravlivateli for processing of seeds of crops by pesticides for the purpose of destruction of an external and internal infection, and also their mixes with microfertilizers and growth factors. Can work as Protravlivateli with the pesticides of all preparative forms allowed for use in agriculture.

Protravlivatel is equipped with system of a raspyl of the liquid which is providing a qualitative covering of seeds with pesticide and steadily using even the high-concentrated viscous suspensions.

Protravlivatel is equipped with the built-in system of the washing including an additional tank for clear water, system of shutoff valves and additional sleeves. It allows to save till 1 o'clock replaceable time on washing of the pump batcher, hydrocommunications and a spray when changing of the used pesticide or maintenance of a rotravlivatel.

Stability of work of a protravlivatel in the automatic mode is provided with the highly reliable sensor of capacitor type which does not have in the design of mobile parts.

The Shnekovy conveyor is equipped with a continuous spiral with the tilt angle preventing jamming and damage of seeds.

The design of a protravlivatel provides convenient access to all knots at maintenance and repair.

General data
Tank volume for working liquid, l 120
Productivity, t/h 5
Power consumption, kW 2
Mechanical damages of seeds, % 0.5
Overall dimensions and weight
Overall dimensions: length, mm 2600
Overall dimensions: width, mm 1800
Overall dimensions: height, mm 1200
Weight, kg 250

Information is up-to-date: 17.12.2018
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