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Disk Borona-Lushchilnik of DUKAT-16 (hook-on)
  • Disk Borona-Lushchilnik of DUKAT-16 (hook-on)

Disk Borona-Lushchilnik of DUKAT-16 (hook-on)

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The disk hoeing plow the Ducat-16 is a short disk harrow, with the disk working bodies located in two ranks, each of which is located on an individual spring 3D rack
Short disk harrows hoeing plows the DUCAT are used for hulling of an eddish - creation of the mulching layer - the main small and average processing of the soil - preseeding processing of the soil under grain, commercial and forage crops, and also for preparation of the soil under crops winter on busy steam. They provide crushing and seal of the vegetable remains of the previous cultures and weed vegetation - are used at improvement of meadows and pastures.
Absence in a design of disk batteries with a uniform axis allows to work in more damp conditions at fields with a large number of vegetable weight, at the same time clogging of interdisk space and winding on an axis of a disk of the vegetable remains is excluded.

- decrease in traction resistance of the tool and fuel consumption not less than for 20% - 3D protection of bearing knot at arrival on any obstacles that excludes breakage of disks, bearings, racks, damage of a frame - the uniform depth of processing, thanks to an exception of a vyglubleniye of all unit at arrival by one disk on an obstacle - self-cleaning of disks in the course of work that allows to work at more damp soil without clogging.

• The modern bearing knot with cassette consolidation does not demand service during all service life. By experience of our buyers of 4 years and more.

The used disks from high-quality borirovanny steel with training of Belotta having almost twice higher resource on wear than disks from steel 65G

• Thanks to fastening of bearing knot of an extreme disk to a rack on the other hand the solution of the problem of a furrow from an extreme disk without use of the additional nomenclature of details is provided.

Working width of capture, m 16.75
Depth of processing of the soil, cm to 14
Quantity of disks, piece 134
Diameter of a disk, mm 560
Working speed, km/h 20
The required power of the tractor, h.p. 450
Overall dimensions and weight
Weight, kg 13000

Information is up-to-date: 17.12.2018
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