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Products And Services
Disk Borona-Lushchilnik of DUKAT-16 (hook-on)
In stock 
The disk hoeing plow the Ducat-16 is a short disk harrow, with the disk working bodies located in two ranks, each of which is located on an individual spring 3D rackShort disk harrows hoeing plows the DUCAT are used for hulling of an eddish - creation of the mulching layer - the main small and...
Group: Harrows
Protravlivatel of seeds Remky PS-5
In stock 
Protravlivatel of seeds represents the automatic car with the electric drive of the main mechanisms and consists of the following assembly units: the bunker for filling of seeds, the camera of a protravlivaniye, a tank for working liquid, the pump, the control unit of a stream of liquid, the...
Group: Disinfectants seeds
KT-10 cattlefeeder (a tandem on balance weights, distribution on two parties)
In stock 
Cattlefeeders tractor KT-6, KT-10 are intended for reception and transportation of the crushed listostebelny forages, cereals or bean herbs, the crushed straw, reasonable root crops, and also polnoratsionny fodder mixes and their distribution during the movement by a continuous adjustable stream in...
Group: Feeders
The tractor Belarus-92P with an agricultural hinge plate
In stock 
The basic chassis is intended for aggregation with the mounted equipment of different function for performance of work in the industry, construction and municipal services: digging, excavator, loading and unloading, on cleaning of roads and so forth.General dataWeight is constructional,...
Group: Tractors
T of 711/1 Metal-Fach the Two-axis trailer with a tripartite slope, 8
In stock 
The two-axis T711/1 trailer loading capacity - - 8 t possesses the easy design based, mainly, on the closed profiles. The lower and top frame S355 made of steel (-18G2A) - that guarantees firmness for long years of consumption against corrosion. The two-axis T711/1 trailer is...
Group: Tractor trailers
The car for introduction firm org. udobr. MTT-9
In stock 
The MTT-9 car is intended for introduction of solid organic fertilizers and transportation of various agricultural freights in the unit with the tractor. A new series of cars having kept all best technical solutions and quality of production, provides optimum quality of introduction of solid...
Group: Fertilizer spreaders
Cultivator for interrow processing of USMK-5,4 (introduction of mineral fertilizers)
In stock 
It is intended for the interrow processing of 12 line crops of sugar and fodder beet, soy and other cultures sowed with a row-spacing of 450 mm.Provides high-quality loosening of the soil in row-spacings on the set depth with destruction of weeds, the paralelogrammny device with regulated tarlepy...
Group: Cultivators
Sprayer canopy. shtangovy Jar-Met (600 l, 10 m)
In stock 
The sprayer is intended for actions for chemical protection of plants when maintaining field cultures, and also for introduction of liquid mineral fertilizers. All sprayers are supplied: • - - - - threefold system of filtering, • - - - - a tank for washing of...
Group: Field sprayers
Cattlefeeder vertical Zapagromash SRK-6B-6m3 (unloading tray)
In stock 
In units of vertical hashing the latest technologies, simplicity of service and operation are combined with reliability of system of vertical hashing. Process of mixing in SRK Hozyain proceeds quickly and does not change nutritious properties of a forage. The reversive conveyor allows to make...
Group: Feeders
The car for introduction of the liquid organic MZhU-16 fertilizers
In stock 
The MZhU-16 car is intended for self-unloading, transportation, hashing and continuous superficial distribution of liquid organicfertilizers, and also for transportation of other not aggressive liquids, except food and oil products.Application of fertilizers is made by means of the centrifugal pump...
Group: Fertilizer spreaders


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